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Our Service Standards

We have always prided ourselves on working with people in a very clear, simple and sensitive way, so that clients are listened to, priorities are understood and concerns addressed. This is the policy that we follow with all clients; regardless of personal, health, social and ethical beliefs.
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Pay Attention to Pensions

The best way to save for the future
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Paying off a Mortgage

Think outside the box when paying off your Mortgage
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Looking after Assets

The best way to save for the future

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Retirement Ready Guide

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Investments & Regulations

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PERSONAL finance

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A window to our business

“Come inside and have a look around”

We know that financial services and products can be complicated and confusing to people.

Come and look through a window to our business; it will give you an idea of how we will work with you, plus and idea of our approach to finance – clear and simple, wherever and whenever we can make it like that for you

Independent vs Restricted

Know the facts


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Client Exchange:

Learn about our interactive system here

A Brighter Wider Community

We are proud to be part of the Calderdale community and, as a business, believe in giving the next generation the chance to work, develop and contribute to the area, both economically and personally.

We already have plans in place to grow our own business this year but want to support those areas that make a valuable contribution to the area too, namely the Arts, Heritage and to those people who are vulnerable or dis-advantaged.

This is why we have created this space on our website – Brighter Wider Community.

Brighter Community gives support to local project-based, Charitable and Heritage organisations whose key objectives are to champion Calderdale by raising the profile of the area through support for its unique Heritage, local people and economy.

If you are involved in such a project or charity, we will offer you up to 300 words on our dedicated space on the Brighter website for up to 8 weeks.

Please note that we can only advertise one project or charity at a time, so this offer will be on a first come, first-served basis. The offer is free to you and all support to get your information on our website is provided by us. The only stipulation is that we reserve the right to edit content in line with our business style and the purpose of this offer.

Chartered Financial Planners

We are a Chartered firm of financial planners. To us, providing a professional, technically competent service can only be maintained with advisers who work hard to understand their industry; achieve the highest level of qualification that the industry offers and who base the service they provide, to their clients, from a base of evidence, knowledge and understanding.

We are proud to display the Chartered logo and are proud to help our clients receive the highest quality service that we can provide.