Journey to chartered – Thoughts By Bradley Parry

Bradley Parry

27th August 2020. The day I was awarded chartered status as a Financial Planner. Lots of mixed emotions – pride of what I have achieved, relief that I had passed my final exam, but also a slight feeling of emptiness…. These exams have been a massive part of my life since I did my first Financial Services exam 8 years ago.

Being acknowledged that I have the qualifications, experience and permissions to call myself a Chartered Financial Planner is something I have been working towards for years. In addition to studying whilst working full time, life has thrown many challenges during those 8 years; open heart surgery, marriage, relocation, the birth of my first child.

I am a different person to the one that embarked on my first exam many moons ago. I write this with reflection a couple of weeks after I became chartered and I realise that I should not feel emptiness, quite the opposite in fact. I am so lucky to work in an ever changing profession, one that I never want to stop learning about so that I can be the best that I can be, for my clients, for my family and for my own personal integrity.

I encourage anyone reading this to consider a career as a financial planner, the satisfaction of being able to help clients achieve their life long ambitions that often they think are impossible is the most rewarding of all.