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Tax rise and inefficiencies

Covid is said to cost the Govt £5.billion in borrowing during the years 2020-2022 and naturally there is a need to replenish funds. An increase of 6% in corporation tax and a freezing of tax allowances over the next few years will help to raise towards £8 bill a year by 2025. No complaint here…

Pension age hike up-could it affect you?

Since 2015 pension freedoms have allowed people to enjoy greater flexibility as to how they take their pensions, resulting in withdrawals of up to £37bn. The Government are now proposing that whilst freedoms to withdraw pensions, flexibly, will remain in place; when people can access pensions will change. From 2028 the pension age will increase…

Cash ISAs -time to think again

Bank of England base rate at 0.1% since start of pandemic in March 2020 What has happened to cash ISA’s? The return on investment from some major providers is low. If you have a cash ISA with the Halifax, for example, the return is just above base rate at 0.2%. So a fund of £20,000,…

Journey to chartered – Thoughts By Bradley Parry

Being acknowledged that I have the qualifications, experience and permissions to call myself a Chartered Financial Planner is something I have been working towards for years. In addition to studying whilst working full time, life has thrown many challenges during those 8 years; open heart surgery, marriage, relocation, the birth of my first child. I…