Brighter Window

A Window to Our Business

“Come inside and have a look around.”

We know that financial services and products can be complicated and confusing to people.

Come and look through a window to our business; it will give you an idea of how we will work with you, plus and idea of our approach to finance – clear and simple, wherever and whenever we can make it like that for you

How We Receive Our Clients

We have many clients – young and old, new and existing who visit us in Sowerby Bridge.

People are welcome to drop in and see us. We may be able to see you straight away.

However, if an adviser is not available and you want help we will be very happy to make an appointment for you.

How We Will Work With You

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) expects all businesses who offer financial services to be Regulated. This means that we must up-hold certain standards of practice when we offer a client financial services. That’s why every client who chooses to work with us is given an outline of the services we offer, our fees , what you can expect from us and how arranging a financial product actually works in practice. Check out our Terms of Engagement documents which provide you with everything you need to know about working with us.

Introducing Client Exchange

Introducing Client Exchange:

Client Exchange is an interactive system that helps clients work more effectively with their adviser. If offers:

  • A quick and effective means of reviewing and accessing personal and financial information
  • The ability to review all the work that the adviser carries out on behalf of the client from day 1 of the advice process
  • A means of interacting with the adviser so that fact finds and documents can be completed quickly and efficiently
  • The ability for the client to securely message the adviser at any time, ensuring peace of mind that all sensitive information is secure.
How does it work?

An Open Approach to Our Clients

We want you to be able to see how we will look after your information, what we will do if things go wrong and how we will support you if you have certain financial needs.

Please click on the documents below for more information:

Services for Our Brighter Clients

We work hard to make sure that our clients are offered a professional approach to the management of their financial affairs. We do not believe that our work for you starts and finishes with the set- up of a pension and investment- whether that pension or investment stays right for you and provides you with the income you need is so much more important.

Our clients choose from a range of services, depending on their needs. Some clients want access just to financial information to keep them in the loop about their pensions and investments, others want a full financial report. We aim to see all our clients at least every three years but are happy to review their circumstances as and when they wish.