Client Exchange

Our Terms of Business describe how we will work with clients to help implement their financial plan, our on-going service reviews and a clear description of our charges.

Once a client decides that they would like to receive financial advice from us and is happy to be set up on Client Exchange we ask them to accept our Terms of Business via an on-line agreement process.

The list below is not exhaustive, but during this stage we will:

  • Ask you to complete short-answer questionnaires (fact finds) depending on whether you are receiving advice for the first time or as part of our Service Plan 2 for clients.
  • We will carry out checks on your ID, credit and PEP status and share the information with you.
  • Ask you to complete an “Attitude to Risk” so that we can choose the right financial plan to suit your views on investment.

All investments carry some risk – i.e. they are subject to market volatility and can go up in value or down – but the returns and downturns in investments are influenced by how much risk an investor takes at the outset.


  • The higher risk taken the greater returns or down-turns
  • The lower the risk the less of a return or down-turn.

The results of the Attitude to Risk will help us choose the right financial approach for you.

Once an adviser has all the information about you, your lifestyle, your attitude to risk and your financial objectives they can begin to look at which product or approach is right for you, our client.

All the research that the adviser carries out and the details that have been considered during this part of the process are up-loaded into Client Exchange under a section called Workspace. This gives the client a full overview of the steps that have been taken to study a diverse range of products across the market.

Finally, the recommendations proposed by the adviser and accepted by the client are up-loaded into Client Exchange as “Your Plan”.

Your Plan covers everything from details collated from fact finds, to your attitude to risk, the options considered against your objectives and our recommendations to you, so you can see how the advice has been constructed start to finish.

For those accessing our servicing review packages, details of annual fact finds and reports are stored in Client Exchange, making it simpler for clients to engage with us and receive annual reports and statements.

A one stop shop for the management of your finances…

We believe that in providing our clients with access to Client Exchange has enabled them to work seamlessly and effectively with us; by providing a transparent full financial planning service with the means of secure messaging as and when required.