Policy for COVID-19


We anticipate that the measures that are currently in place to reduce the spread of Covid-19 will be with us at least until the Summer of 2021 and perhaps beyond. We have therefore ensured that our business can carry on providing financial services to our clients, during these difficult times, by introducing measures that will reduce the risk of spread of the virus between our staff and our clients.

Measures taken by Brighter to support our team and our clients

  • There are never more people working from the office than we can accommodate through social distancing
  • We exercise a policy of strict hand-washing and gel cleansing on entering and leaving the building and before any food and drink preparation
  • All equipment i.e. laptops and phones are cleansed on re-entry into the building
  • We have set aside designated rooms for client appointments. The room is cleansed before and after all meetings have been held.
  • When two meeting rooms are in use we ensure that clients can enter and exit the building by the most direct route, so as to avoid unnecessary movement through the building.
  • All clients are provided with cleansing gel for use on entry to the building.
  • Clients, if they so request, are provided with face masks and gloves. We respect the fact that some of our clients may be more vulnerable than others and so have accommodated their needs by providing disposable PPE.
  • Clients are provided with disposable cups of water on arrival for an appointment.

Brighter have been open for business since June 1st and we have aimed, as far as is reasonably practical, to maintain continuity in the services that we offer our clients. We have the facility to provide clients with virtual and face to face meetings where required and believe that in “normalising” the situation as much as possible will help  both our team and our clients get on with their lives as safely as possible.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve on the measures we have put into place or wish to ask for further guidance on this policy, please e-mail our business development manager Mary McFadzean at