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I’m Josh and I spoke to Brighter after I left my employer and went self-employed. I wanted to know what would happen to my pension.

Their advice and review were free, all I paid for was the set-up charge for a pension that was right for me being self-employed. This was taken out of the pension contributions so I didn’t have to find a fee payment up-front.

Rachel is reluctant to talk about pensions…………….

It is hard to see that paying into a pension will help you now, when you have a family and have many years to work.

Remember, pensions are one of the most tax-efficient ways of saving for the future and are not just for you, but for your partner and children too, who could inherit it from you.

I’m Maggie and I have been a client of Brighter’s for over 20 years. In the early days they helped me understand how much I could afford to put into a pension.

After that, they helped me look carefully at all my bits of pension and make sure I wasn’t paying more than I should in administration charges.

The pension they helped me save into has led to this day, when I am able to think of finishing work.


The simple answer is you don’t. However, it is important to know that you have the right amount (based on what you can afford) going into your pension, so that you have enough to retire on.

Unlike property, risk can be managed with pensions, as money is invested across fund choices to decrease risk in any one area of investment. This means that when you come to retire you should be on track to receive something like the income that you expected not just the sale value of your property at that time.

Start early and you will find that you are paying in less now than you would be if you got into your 40s and then decided to start a pension. By then, to catch up with the years that you have lost in paying in, it could be very hard for you to find enough money.

It is true the cost of Regulation around all forms of financial advice does push charges up but we have kept our costs to the minimum that we can manage and don’t ask you to pay for servicing when you are just building a pension pot.

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